M1.11: Publications

Journal Articles

  • Chatterjee S, Saad F, Sarasaen C, Ghosh S, Khatun R, Radeva P, Rose G, Stober S, Speck O, and Nürnberger A (tba): Exploration of interpretability techniques for deep COVID-19 classification using chest X-ray images. Manuscript submitted to Scientific Reports (under review): arXiv:2006.02570 (1-16). DOI: 10.21203/rs.3.rs-1396136/v1; 10.48550/ARXIV.2006.02570. URL: https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-1396136/v1

Conference Papers

Further Contributions (Abstracts, Talks, Posters)

  • Saad F, Frysch R, Pfeiffer T, Nürnberger A, Lauritsch G, and Rose G (2021): Adjusting the acquisition parameters of spherical ellipse tomosynthesis scan orbit for guiding interventional bronchoscopy. Abstract presented at 5th Conference on Image-Guided Interventions (IGIC 2021), Magdeburg, Germany, Oct 13-14, 2021. p. 9. Oral presentation. URL: http://www.igic.de/upload/2021/IGIC_2021_Abstracts.pdf
  • Saad F, Frysch R, Kulvait V, Punzet D, and Rose G (2019): Reconstruction of difference images using the nullspace-constrained modification scheme and instrument-specific prior information. Abstract presented at Recent progress and developments: 4th Conference on Image-Guided Interventions & Digitalization in Medicine (IGIC 2019), Mannheim, Germany, Nov 4-5, 2019. p. —. Poster. URL: http://www.igic.de/deutsch/igic-2019/willkommen-2019/index.html

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